Special Kiss


A glimpse at some of the natural things around us.

Expressions from the mind & heart laid over visual stimulation to highlight the very words you're reading.


Pencil & Charcoal
Scribbles that turned into full expressions

Points of view about life with paint

Behind the Scenes

...from the Pen

Prescription:K9    Coming Soon
A.J., after 19 years of marriage, is embarking on new adventures in his life. One of his first adventures is with two dogs that show up on his doorstep of his new house. A.J. has never owned a dog, but he feels these K9 strangers need the same thing that he desires ~ to belong. Their existence in his life is just what the doctor order... Prescription:K9

'Bout That Life    Coming Soon
Tracy decides to take a break from school, yet her mother is not prepared for her to come back to the house. So sweet daughter is headed to her father's place. Some strange activity follows 'Tra' home from school and she doesn't want Dad to know what's going on. She spends time away from Dad as she learns 'Bout That Life.

A Mile Away    Coming Soon
5 friends, since grade school, come together to help each other make it to the next level in each of their lives. Their common thread to each other is track and field, but they find out that there is so much more that connects them. Those connections aid them in reaching their desired points in their perspective lives ~ those points are literally just A Mile Away.